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LMRA is a not-for profit association dedicated to preserving, promoting, and enhancing the quality of life in Lower Milford Township. We are not associated with any government, or corporate entity. We believe that a well informed resident when cooperating with other residents is the most powerful way to ensure a great Township to live in.

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We need your support to continue fighting for our quality of life. This year will be critical in our fight with Geryville Materials as they litigate the remaining Zoning Board Hearing and appeal the local decisions to the courts.

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Township News
Report Potholes

PotholeHaving trouble with potholes? Help PennDot and Lower Milford Township out by reporting the location of troublesome potholes. To report potholes on Lower Milford Township roads, call Richard Kinsey at the Township Office (610-967-4949 ext. 5). Note: Lower Milford does not have the authority to work on State Roads.

For potholes on State Roads, call PennDot pothole hotline at (1-800-349-7623). State Roads in Lower Milford are: Beverly Hills Road, Blue Church Road, Chestnut Hill Church Rd - Limeport Pike to Churchview Rd, Church View Road, Dillingersville Road - Limeport Pike to Zionsville Rd, Emmaus Road, King's Highway, Limeport Pike, Locust Valley Road, Palm Road, Powder Valley Road, Spinnerstown Road, Steinsburg Road, Vera Cruz Road S., and Zionsville Road.

Curative Amendment Challenge by Geryville Materials End Finally Resolved in Lower Milford Township

Supreme CourtThe Pennsylvania Supreme Court refused to consider Geryville Materials appeal of the Pensylvania Commonwealth Court affirmation of the Lower Milford Township Board of Supervisors denial of the substantive challenge to the ordinances of the Township related to quarry operations. This ends the ten year old battle to enable a 628 acre quarry at the West Mill Hill and Kings Highway property and preserves our ordinances. Only the application before the Zoning Hearing Board filed in 2009 for an 84.56 acres remains.

LMRA Donates to Township Park Fund

LMRA DonationAt the Board of Supervisors meeting on November 21, 2013, Lori Sickenberger, LMRA President, presented Donna Wright, Board of Supervisors Chairman, a chenck for $1175 for the Township Park Fund. The donation came from part of the proceeds of the Silent Auction at the 2013 Fall Festival. The fund is to be used for Township Community Park improvements such as a pavilion, playground, and other projects.

Last Updated on Friday, 22 November 2013 23:23
Planning Commission Overturned

JudgeGeryville Materials won an appeal after 15 losses in 9 years (with no prior wins). The Commonwealth Courts of Pennsylvania overturned the Planning Commission’s and Court of Common Pleas Lehigh County’s decisions regarding their 2009 land development plan. While the court decision is extremely disappointing for us, we need to look at it in perspective. On the surface, Geryville has won this appeal. But this is not the whole story, nor is it where the story ends. The Township and the LMRA have been successfully fighting this zoning battle for the past 9 years. While Geryville wants to make it appear that they have won. THEY HAVE NOT. This decision DOES NOT mean the quarry is automatically approved and Geryville will begin blasting and digging. Geryville must first get zoning approval for the development. This has not happened. Their 2004 zoning application was denied, and the 2009 zoning application is still in hearings. Additionally, the Township has the right to appeal the Commonwealth Courts decision regarding the PC ruling reversal. We need to remain diligent and strong. The LMRA will continue to fight and do what is right for all citizens of Lower Milford Township.

Last Updated on Sunday, 04 August 2013 13:50
Another Win in Pa Courts

Court Decision

On June 11, 2013, the Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas upheld the Lower Milford Township Board of Supervisors decision to deny the Curative Amendment application of Geryville Materials for a 628 acre quarry. Although  the court found the operational provisions pre-empted, the natural resource provisions and our arguments were upheld. This is the 14th favorable decision for the Township and LMRA. One application remains before the Zoning Hearing Board. The fight will then turn to the Courts as Geryville Materials appeals the various decisions. Thus far, such appeals have not been successful .

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